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Pin-Drop: Chocolate Covered Bananas and Peanut Butter

I recently joined Pintrest and ohhhh doggy…it’s addicting. The many photos are so stimulating, not only to the senses but also my creative side. Now, I’m not a big cooker but a quick and easy treat is more than welcome to my pint-sized repertoire.  When I stumbled upon chocolate covered peanut butter bananas, I had to give it a try.

Got my supplies.



Snuck a snack

Dolloped each banana slice with peanut better

Melted the chocolate for the maiden dip

Since the chocolate was thicker than “dipable” I added a little milk (as per recipe directions) and poured myself a mug of milk to wash down them there chocolate chips.

That’s when the Pin dropped. As soon as the cold milk met the smooth melted chocolate, it turned to into a fine volcanic ash-like powder and no amount of heating regained the smooth texture.

Desperate to achieve a successful pin, I sprinkled the fine dust over the peanut butter topped banana slices, put them into the freezer, and hoped for a miracle. It didn’t come true.

Jimmy came to the rescue by slowly reheating the dust and adding a few more normal chocolate chips and milk, 2tsp-1/4 cup. Once the liquid melted into consistency of thin honey, it was easy to coat each piece..

Clearly, patience and experience is the key to working with chocolate, which is why this Pin dropped. The only way this treat remained intact was by keeping it in the freezer, but frozen bananas are too hard to eat and have no taste. When kept in the refrigerator, the chocolate became runny and the bananas smooshy.

Conclusion: This Pin dropped. I may, however, try a tiny batch in the future, being very careful to add milk before melting the chips.

Confession: I enjoyed eating my flops with a spoon.

You can check out the original recipe at: Nom!nom!nom

Good news — my next blog post will show a Pin-Success!

See you soon.

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June 14, 2012 - 9:52 am

Cheryl Barker - Hey, any excuse to snack on chocolate chips is a winner in my book! 🙂

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